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Premium lens-and-plate-only special order Page
Special order page for do-it-yourself hood-mountable premium lens.

This includes the framed plano-convex premium lens, with screw-hinge mount plate for the do-it-yourself adaptation of LCD folding hood as discussed on several online forums. Can be attached with glue, screw or adhesive strips; we do not provide the materials or instructions for attaching.

Be sure to check centering and LCD-to-lens distance for comfortable viewing (normally 52-57mm) by sighting through the lens and marking the position before attaching the lens to your hood.

Price $25 USD, shipping and handling is $5, US or international first-class mail.  Please contact us before ordering if you have questions.
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Need 2 premium lenses with hinge plates in the same shipment?  Click here to order both and avoid double shipping charges  ($25.00 US each, plus $6.50 for USPS first-class (international or domestic) shipping/handling, total $56.50).