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Economy international shipping option!
Because of higher rates for US Priority mail international, we've added an economical "standard" US first-class shipping to all destinations outside the US.  Delivery hasn't taken much longer than Priority mail, and has been very reliable.  International delivery time can vary widely, and often depends on how fast the customs office processes the package.  Rates are posted at the bottom of our Orders page, and can be chosen during checkout at Paypal.  Please note that your country may charge a customs or import fee when the package arrives; we have no control over the fee or the amount, so please check with your customs office in advance if you're concerned about the possibility of such a fee.

Premium or Standard Lens?

We have found a lens that mounts in the original ClearViewer, which gives a sharp view of even the corners of the 3" LCD screens often used on newer cameras.  See the information on our FAQ page and product page, as well as the new premium lens page for information about this, and how the premium lens works.

Because of the cost of the lens and the additional labor needed to mount it, we can't make it the standard lens for the ClearViewer...we want to keep our basic model affordable for all.  And, for smaller LCD screens, the corners are sharp enough with the standard lens.  The view of the main central area is nearly the same with either lens.  But if you have a camera with a large LCD and want a sharp view of the entire screen, this is the answer.

My own experience: 
Would I personally buy the upgraded lens?  For a new $300-400-500 (or more) camera with a 3" LCD, yes, I would.  The extra cost is minimal, and why not have the luxury of a clear view of the whole screen on something you will most likely be using for most or all of your photos?  Seeing the entire screen clearly, even to the corners and outer edges, can help you compose your photo better, and get everything "just right".  But if you'd rather not have the extra expense, the standard lens will do the job, and is offered so our customers have a choice.

New cameras We try to get specs for newer compact models soon after they're introduced, and make ClearViewers for all of them, including those that have optional optical or electronic viewfinders.  In addition to our initial products for the Panasonic Lumix compact models, we're making viewers for the Canon S, G, and SX series, the Olympus E-P series and XZ1, Ricoh GRD series, Pentax Q and K series, Sigma DPx and Merrill, Sony NEX and H series, and more.  We make ClearViewers for all popular models (even some that come with viewfinders or have add-on viewfinders available) so if your camera isn't listed, that doesn't mean you can't get a ClearViewer.  As long as it has a tripod socket, we should be able to make one to fit.  If there is a delay getting the specs from some models, we can work with a customer-provided photo of the bottom and back of the camera, which we can scale to size and obtain the needed measurements.

If it has a hotshoe and it's reasonably (within 1/4" (6mm) or less) centered and not more than 5/8" (15mm) above the top of the LCD, we can make a hotshoe model for it.

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