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Due to changes in the US Postal service rates and policies, we are now offering both first-class mail and Priority mail shipping for US customers.  For international customers, we will still offer Priority mail shipping, but it's considerably more expensive and really not much, if any, faster.  Both methods offer reasonably good tracking, so we recommend our standard shipping.

Premium or Standard Lens?

With the limitations of our inexpensive standard lens, we offer specially-ground premium plano-convex lenses which give a better view of the screen, particularly on screens larger than 2.5 inches, (which is the case for most compacts now).  The premium lens gives a clear and undistorted view of the screen all the way out to the corners.  It even works on the 4" screen on one of my cameras, though one needs to shift the eye around a bit to see the extreme outer edges.

The standard lens will work for any of our ClearViewers, but unless you're getting it for an older model with smaller screen, or you really don't need to see the detail clearly at the extreme outer edges, the premium lens adds very little to the cost when you consider how much you'll be using the ClearViewer.

New cameras We no longer are listing the models that we make ClearViewers for...basically we can fit any camera as long as we can find specs for it, or good photos of the back and bottom of the camera (even user-provided, if they're not available elsewhere).

Hotshoe models are a little more restrictive, since the location and placement varies so much.

If your camera has a hotshoe and it's reasonably (within 3/8" (8mm) or less) centered and not more than 3/4" (18mm) above the top of the screen, we can usually make a hotshoe model for it.  In some cases we can make one for specs beyond the above, or with some appendage (button, etc.) in the way, but please check first if that's the case.

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