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Need to use a tripod, but didn't order the Hama camera screw?

We'll ship you an 11mm Hama Camera screw that will hold your tripod-mount ClearViewer on the camera and give you metal threads for your tripod screw.

11mm Hama Camera Screw (1/4"-20 thread) $9
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U.S. domestic orders only!
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Shipping and handling is $3.50 for US first-class mail shipping.  Please note that we cannot ship internationally at that price, For orders outsied the U.S., see the international "outside USA" order button below..
International (outside U.S.) orders here:
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Shipping and handling is $7.50 for international first-class mail shipping.  Because of the dimensions of the Hama screw, we must ship it as a package, with a higher minimum shipping cost.  We recommend ordering the camera screw when you order your ClearViewer if possible.  Otherwise, first trying to find one locally may be less expensive than our cost with international shipping..