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The ClearViewer is a folding high-diopter lens which lets you view and focus on the LCD screen with your eye right up to the lens, less than 2 inches away from the LCD. You can use the LCD screen almost as you would an electronic viewfinder, and can see fine detail very clearly, in all sorts of lighting.

The tripod socket model folds tightly against the LCD so it doesn't add a lot of bulk to your compact camera.  It unfolds easily and quickly for use, and can easily swing down if you want to view the LCD in the normal way.  When you're not likely to need it for a while, it's easily removed using a coin in the single mounting screw.

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There's another model for some cameras
The Clearviewer hotshoe-mount model was initially designed for the Panasonic Lumix LX3, but will fit other models that have a hotshoe near center over the LCD screen.  If your camera has a custom-fit leather case or special handgrip, or if you may only want to carry the viewer with you in a pocket for occasional use, you may prefer this one.  It's easily removed when you put the camera in a case or pocket.

The hotshoe model does not fold flat against the screen, which is why it's removed between uses.  The positive side of this is that it provides a solid, unyielding surface that won't get pushed out of place in bumpy situations.

For regular use as a viewfinder, the tripod-mount model is probably a better choice; it can stay on the camera, ready for use quickly when needed.

If you're in doubt as to whether your camera's hotshoe is properly located for using the hotshoe-mount ClearViewer, please contact us first so we can check your camera's specifications.  The LCD must not be too far below the hotshoe, and the hotshoe may be off-center up to 1/4" (6mm).

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The tripod- socket- mount viewer folded for storage.
The tripod- socket- mount viewer extended for use. The 1" diameter lens is extended to about 2 inches from the LCD.
Both models folded, viewed side-by-side
Strong diopter lenses, by their nature, have a limited range where things will be sharply in focus.  With today's larger LCD's, the difference in distance from lens-to LCD-center, and lens-to-corner is greater.  For this reason, the superior characteristics of the new premium lens make it a wise choice if your camera has a 3" LCD screen, allowing clear viewing of even the far outer edges and corners.

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ClearViewer US patent pending