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The tripod socket ClearViewer
We have viewers that fit popular models such as the Lumix LX, GF, GM, ZS and TZ series, Leica D-LUX4-5, Ricoh GR GXR, Olympus E-P and E-PL series, XZ-1, Canon G, S, EOS-M and SX models, Samsung TL500 and NX100-200-300, Sony NEX and HX50V, RX-100 (also M2 or II), and many more.  ClearViewers are made to order for each specific camera make and model, including older models.

This is the viewer we recommend for most users.  It folds flat against the LCD so it can be left on the camera, ready for use when you need it.

$35 - 53, see shipping charges below

Please be sure to specify your camera make & model
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The tripod- socket mount ClearViewer
The hotshoe-mount ClearViewer for many models with flash hotshoes
The hotshoe ClearViewer
Our first design, the hotshoe ClearViewer can work with most compact cameras with a flash hotshoe reasonably near the center of the LCD screen.    If in doubt, please check with us before ordering.  The hotshoe model is handy for occasional use, or to provide a very solid brace in unstable situations, but is removed between uses.  For most users, the tripod-mount model (above), which stays on the camera between uses, is more convenient.

$22 - 40, see shipping charges below
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About Shipping:  ClearViewers are shipped by US Priority mail for US orders
and made to order for specific cameras, so please allow 5 business days to ship your order.
Our shipping and handling rates are based solely on our costs for shipping, supplies, and fees for online payment; we make no profit from shipping charges. Recent USPS international shipping rate increases have forced us to raise all Domestic and International shipping charges.

US addresses:
$8.75 for 1 item, $1 each add'l to 4 items (Priority mail 2 - 3 business days)

USPS first-class international shipping (1-6 weeks, usually takes 1-3 weeks)
International Standard Shipping (USD): $16 1 item, $2 each additional to 4 items
Canada or Mexico: International Standard Shipping (USD) $12.50 1 item, $2 each add'l to 4 items

International Priority Mail (6-10 business days, customs delays possible)
Canada or Mexico:  $37 (USD) for 1 item, $2 each additional to 4 items
Other countries: $42 (USD) for 1 item, $2.00 each additional to 4 items
If you're not sure whether the ClearViewer will work with your camera model, please contact us here before ordering.  When ordering, be sure to include the camera make and model, and use a working email address when paying, so we can contact you.

(Note:  Clicking the "Cart" buttons will take you to PayPal's payment pages, where you can pay with a credit card, or with a PayPal account if you prefer.  You do NOT need to have, or open, a PayPal account to use this payment method.)
Not sure which lens to choose?  Read our News page or Premium Lens page to tell you more about the premium lens, or the FAQ page for other lens info.

Gift shipping:  If you want the order sent as a gift (no packing slip or purchase price listed) please indicate "gift" in the PayPal message box or along with the camera model.
Looking for the premium lens and hinge plate for the do-it-yourself attachment to a folding hood as discussed on online forums? 
Click here
For Tripod Users:
To use your tripod-mount ClearViewer with a tripod, simply remove the normal mount screw (retained with a rubber O-ring) and replace it with one of the camera screws below.  These knurled, plastic and aluminum screws are rather large, so you may not want to leave it on all the time, It's easy to switch back to the more compact original ClearViewer mount screw.

The Hama Camera Screw
Our old standby, the Hama screw is a very well-made and nicely-finished adapter for using your ClearViewer and a tripod at the same time.                       $9
New Added Feature
Our ClearViewers for non-interchangeable lens models will come with a tripod thread in the base, suitable for light and moderate use (threads are plastic, not metal).  For heavy use or with accessories we still recommend the metal-threaded tripod screws above.
(Made for the Panasonic LX and Leica D-LUX series, GF series, Olympus E-series, Samsung, and many other hotshoe-equipped compacts)
Most current compacts with non-removable lenses will come with this thread, but if you want to check if one comes on your model, contact us.
Generic Camera Screw
Similar in function to the Hama, this generic version is less expensive, though perhaps not so nicely machined.                       $4.50
To order only the Hama or generic camera screw, without ordering the ClearViewer, click here
January 2016 ...postal shipping rates have risen significantly and we have had to increase rates accordingly. Our shipping rates are always based on the actual costs to us.  Please check new shipping rates below.