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If you have questions, or are not sure if a ClearViewer will work with your camera model, please contact us before ordering and we'll try to answer promptly by email.

Virtually all cameras with a tripod socket can have a tripod socket mount ClearViewer made to fit...just give us the model name when ordering, and we'll take it from there.  In some cases, with very new or rare models where specs are not readily available, we can work from user-provided snapshots of the bottom and back of the camera. We rarely need these, but will contact you if they are needed.

For hotshoe models, we normally make clearviewers for cameras with hotshoes centered, or no more than 3/8" (9mm) off screen center, and no more than 3/4" (18mm) above the screen top, with no interfering buttons, viewfinder frames, etc. in the way.  There are exceptions where we can work around some of these limitations, so please check before ordering if in doubt.

We're located in Central California USA, and ClearViewers are made to order in our shop. We normally manufacture and ship within 3 business days of ordering. 

For rush orders, if you're leaving on a trip, etc., contact us and we'll do what we can to ship the same or next day.

If you have sold your old camera and the ClearViewer you bought won't fit your new one, in many cases you may be able to send it to us and we'll make and install a new base plate to fit your new camera.  contact us for details

Please be sure to enter your email address correctly, or we will be unable to send a reply.  If you don't get a reply within a day or so, please check any spam filters in your email, and then re-submit your question, as there may have been an error in your email address..

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